Let’s Meet Over Coffee ~God

Let's meet over coffee - Hand lettered Watercolor Illustration - invitation from God card

As I plan out the theme and decorations for the women’s retreat at our church next month, I could go way simpler!  No one would notice if there were no illustrations or if I grabbed some printables online, printed and framed them.  (In fact, the whole thing could end up looking better in the end if I did.)  But I love to do this.  Painting, that is.  And illustrating.  And frankly, sometimes I sit down to paint or draw and I come up blank (note: I was going to say “draw a blank” because I love me some puns, but I didn’t for your sake.  Your welcome!) 

So… I’ve made this my project with “Sweet Life Cafe” as my theme.  I’m going to see how many I can come up with (there are 8 tables that need center pieces).  It’s pushing me for creativity.

Let's meet over coffee - Hand lettered Watercolor Illustration - invitation from God card

This is my second creation (or my third, I guess I’m posting out of order).  It’s a 5×7 original watercolor illustration on 140 lb. cold pressed paper.  I won’t say it’s perfect, but perfect isn’t my goal.  As Shayda says, (she’s my teacher you know), if I wanted to capture this perfectly, I could snap a picture; “illustration is about representing [an] object in your own unique way.”

Let's meet over coffee - Hand lettered Watercolor Illustration - invitation from God card

This hand lettered illustration came about as I was thinking though all the “but first, coffee” signs on Pinterest.  I get that coffee is first for so many people, but I want to encourage a “Jesus first” mindset instead.  This illustration was born out of that desire and I blended the two.  If we are walking through the house blurry eyed early in the morning thinking, “but first, coffee”, then this is God’s little invitation… “Let’s meet over coffee!”

As you are savoring your morning coffee and letting it breath new energy into your morning, open God’s Word and let it breath new life into your whole day.  It can do that!

I’m trying my hand at taking more beautiful pictures of my artwork.  The quilt in the background is an unfinished one I’m making for my almost 6 year old girl. 

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Meet Over Coffee ~God”

  1. So sweet! Since I can’t have coffee I think He says to me, ” Let’s meet over chocolate milk!”. 🙂 Love the quilt! I have always wanted to quilt just never enough time or space to do so!


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