With love for puns


Thanks to all of you who popped over to vote for me in the last Spoonflower Design Challenge.  I didn’t win, but I wasn’t really expecting to either.  There were so many amazing designs!  I just love how the challenges push me to get better.

I skipped the last challenge (total lack of inspiration for me), but instead took the time to work on this weeks challenge.  Spoonflower challenged us to come up with a tea towel design that used a play on words.  They wanted it to be punny.  I love puns and it just so happened that I had a super rough sketch of this little girl making herself a friend. I made a bunch of changes and polished it up a bit and have entered it in this weeks Designer Challenge.  Head over to vote if you want to.


EveryBUGy’s Welcome Adoption Party


Last month I planned a joined adoption party for a couple families in our church… a little girl and a little boy.  So we went with a “EveryBUGy’s Welcome” theme.  It was a lot of fun.  Another chance to use my chalkboard.  🙂  My 6 year old squeezed between the board and the wall right before I took the photo and smudged the corner.  It happens. 🙂

Everyone helped by bringing something from my food list.  I sent the list with links to the instructions (found on my Pinterest board for the party) for the more difficult ideas.  Some were as easy as a bag of chips and others took quite a bit of creativity.  Each family got to choose what they were up for.  They all did a beautiful job.

I made this fun butterfly cake and it was really easy! (Assembly directions here!) Frosting the sides was the trickiest part.

And these little meringue snails and caterpillar cookies were fun to make and turned out great!  I started with an all white inspiration photo I found on pinterest, but I really wanted to color them, so I piped with two different bags at a time, each with different colors.  Wish I’d gotten a closer picture, but I think they are adorable.

The most important part is that the party was a blessing to these families and we got to celebrate the adoptions of these two special children!


Gathering here!

The Perfect Verse for Newlyweds – Philippians 2:3 Hand Lettered

Do nothing 1

This started as a wedding card for the wedding we helped with a week and a half ago, but as I worked on it, I decided to put it in a frame and make up another quick card to go with it.  I decided to use the sunflowers from the wedding theme to remind them of their special day as the years go by.

Do nothing 2

I searched for a verse with the word “love” in it, but in the end I decide that Philippians 2:3 was the perfect verse for newlyweds.  It’s a verse we all need really!  I hope it will encourage a happy marriage for them!


And here’s the card I made up quick the morning of the wedding. 🙂


Gathering here!

A Jolly Holiday – A Mary Poppins Birthday Party

We actually had a “Mamee Poppins” party for my mom last month.  The kids saw Mary Poppins for the first time this past spring and then found out it was Mamee’s favorite movie when she was little.  They were thrilled when we decided to use Mamee Poppins for her birthday theme.


I’m always excited for another chance to practice my chalkboard work on the chalkboard my sweet husband made me.


And more and more lately I’ve been finding that cakes are a fun medium for me to be artistic.  I couldn’t find anything I was excited about on Pinterest since everything uses fondant (and I don’t like it), so I was grateful when the idea for this one came to me.  It gave me fun chance practice letters.  Let’s go fly a kite… cake!


Gathering here!

A much anticipated wedding invitation

I don’t think I’ve anticipated the arrival of a wedding invitation as much as I did this one.

Friends of ours got engaged this spring and I was quick to offer any help I could give.  It was so much fun to use my mad Pinterest skills and party experience to help her plan her wedding.  But it was even more fun when they wanted me to design their invitation.  The folder work is all hers, but the hand lettering and painting is all mine. 🙂

It was great fun.  As was the wedding this past weekend!  Now that it is behind us, I feel free to share this with you all!

Complete with RSVP and direction cards.  That RSVP card was after one the bride saw online and the invitation was inspired by this one on Pinterest.


The learning curve on digitalizing of my art and hand lettering was steep, but I learned a lot in the process!  Hopefully it will keep getting easier.

My first design contest

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  Summer is a super busy season for my family, but I have managed to do some hand lettering and painting.  I just haven’t managed to post any of it.  I am hoping to get caught up in the next few weeks though and to post some of my early things with a fall theme.

I hope you will all enjoy.  I am honored that there are 20 of you now following my little blog!!!  Thank you!

Coffee Cup Calendar Tea TowelHave you heard of Spoonflower?  It’s a design your own fabric/wallpaper company online.  And they have a weekly design challenge I’ve tried to participate in several times this year, but until now, I’ve not quite finished my design by the deadline.

Each week there is a theme, and if you noticed that I said until now, I’ve missed the deadline, you may have figured out that I finally made it with an entry.  This weeks theme is calendar tea towel, so I decided to design something using my coffee cups.  It’s designed as a fat quarter (if you are familiar with fabric measurements at all), but turned into a tea towel on their website.

You can vote here if you would like… no pressure to vote for me.  You  may vote as many times as you want… just vote your favorites!

But either way, let me know what you think.  I’d love to know!



Grandpa – Watercolor Donut and Handlettering


When my sister and I were young, we used to spend the night at our grandparents from time to time.  Saturday morning was always the same.  We would climb into their bed, cuddle up, and watch cartoons on the Disney Channel… which they only had for us.  We didn’t have it.

Then, when my grandfather was ready, we would put on our Cabbage Patch slippers and he would take us to the donut store in our jammies where we would pick 13 of whatever donuts we wanted and a bear claw for him.

Back again, we would find that Grandma had made hot cocoa on the stove and we would eat as many donuts as we could.  There were always plenty left over.

img_4057Wednesday is my grandfather’s birthday.  I don’t usually send a gift, but I was thinking of him earlier this month and was remembering one of my favorite and most clear memories of him growing up .  I hope he likes it.

Saturday morning.


Picking our own donuts.



Happy birthday Grandpa!


Gathering here.