My September Shelves + Other Apple Decor

I decorate with apples in September. Okay, I know I’m a little crazy, but I just can’t bring out the “fall” stuff until it’s officially fall. As in September 23rd this year. Some years I’ll fudge a little and decorate over the weekend before, but most of the time, we do it on the day.

Problem is, by the end of August, I’m generally itching for fall. It’s my favorite season.

A couple years ago I decided that apples would make a fair bridge. They are adorable, and they don’t really match with my leaves and pumpkins (so I usually don’t use them). It’s the perfect solution. Apples in September.

Early Fall Decor | Apples in September

My husband built these shelves for me (out of American Chestnut beams he pulled out of the walls of our house) last September when he took some time off to work on the house. That means this is the first time to decorate them with apples. Most of my apple stuff came from my mom when she moved out here to be with us. Her last kitchen was decorated in apples, so she had plenty and I had my pick.

The hand lettered piece on the left side of the top shelf I created last year. The pie on the bottom shelf is watercolor on a piece of wood I did the year before that. I’d like to do that one over sometime because it smudged a bit when we added the clear finish. But for now, I like it.

Early Fall Decor | Apples in September

Under those shelves on my counter, I put my chalkboard frame (which is really just a white frame from Walmart with a black paper in it. I use white water based paint pen or chalkboard pens on it.) The design was there from my mom’s chocolate themed party, but I changed the words to “apple cider please” to match the apples. I thought the little wood apple was cute here and it all went well with my after meal clean up chart which is there all the time. (I scribbled out the names of my children for privacy.) I’m loving this set up because it mostly blocks the pencil sharpener that lives on the corner of the counter there (for lack of a better place for it). Homeschool families need their pencil sharpeners!

Early Fall Decorating for September

This cute little collection is sitting in the corner of my kitchen by the windows. Old basket with puffy red check fabric, jar, candle, plastic apple and my new favorite apple artwork (available to print… check it out!)

I moved this from the living room early last week when I moved my stack of Pergo out of there to get ready for some renovations coming up.

Early Fall Decorating for September

That’s right, the little “table” it’s sitting on is really a covered stack of flooring waiting to be installed. ๐Ÿ™‚ You never do really know what someone’s house looks like based on a blog, do you?

How do you decorate in September??

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Patriotic Summer Time Free Printable

Summer Time BBQs. Grilling for everyday or those large family gatherings. It’s what summer is made for and today I have a fun patriotic free printable for you!

Patriotic Summer Time Free Printable from mamasbrush | grilling, kababs, lemonade, watermelon and other summer time goods!

I started this project last year for a design challenge, but I ran out of time and, when the deadline passed, I tucked the sketch away in a file of unfinished projects. When the Spoonflower Summer Design Contest came up a few weeks ago, I decided to pull it out and finish it. Kababs on the grill with watermelon and lemonade are what summers are made of! Am I right? (Leave a comment with your favorite summer grilling fare!)

Patriotic Summer Time Free Printable from mamasbrush | grilling, kababs, lemonade, watermelon and other summer time goods!

I began by tracing the original sketch and transferring it to watercolor paper. Then I spent a couple nights playing with the color and finished it with the black pen.

When it was time to design the repeating pattern for the fabric design, I scanned it and took it into Photoshop where I cleaned up the background and moved things around a bit to make it work as a repeat.

Patriotic Summer Time Free Printable from mamasbrush | grilling, kababs, lemonade, watermelon and other summer time goods!

But this one… this one is the way I made it for you. Download it, print it off and put it in a frame. Hang it on your wall or set it on the counter and smile when you think of the soon coming life you have outdoors! ๐Ÿ™‚

Head to my printables page to download the Summer Time free printable! Let me know where you put it! ๐Ÿ™‚

But please remember the…
***Official legal stuff: The copyright on the art presented here remains my own. Please only use them personally in your home, office or classroom. But please donโ€™t distribute them online or claim them as your own. If you want to share them on your own blog or social media platform, please be sure to give me credit and include a link back to my blog at: These are my original work and Iโ€™d like to be able to continue sharing what I create with you all.

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Patriotic Summer Time Free Printable from mamasbrush | grilling, kababs, lemonade, watermelon and other summer time goods!

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Watercolor Pecan Pie – A Birthday Gift for Dad

Chocolate Pecan Pie Illustration

My dad loves Pecan Pie with chocolate chips in it.  I painted this as a 5×7 for his birthday in October 2016.

Original illustration and hand lettering done in watercolor and ink.

Pumpkin Pie – An Illustrated Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Illustrated Recipe

Just about the time I got my “adult art supplies” (my own brushes, paints, and actual watercolor paper), Shayda Campbell taught us about illustrating recipes.  This one had me excited.

Again, it was the end of September and I had Fall on my mind.  I designed 3-4 versions before deciding on one.  Then after it was done I did another one so I could switch things up a bit.  I like different things about both of my final copies and don’t like parts of each as well, but overall, I was pleased with the project.  Still learning. ๐Ÿ™‚

The illustration above was the second I made.  The first one didn’t scan right and was gifted to my sister before I realized it.  This one graces my mother’s house each fall, so it was easier to access.